The Geography of Space Exploration: The Search for Life on Mars (Book Review)

The Search for Life on Mars by Elizabeth Howell and Nicholas Booth (Arcade, 2020) available now from you local independent book store (Image: Simon & Schuster)
A portrait of landing sites on Mars and the NASA missions that call them home. These robots, and their kin orbiting high above the Red Planet, are one half of the key characters in the Search for Life on Mars (Image: NASA)
A Mock-up of the Mars Viking Langer back on Earth (NASA/JPL)
An artists conception of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) which arrived at the Red Planet in 2006 (image: NASA/JPL)
An artists mega-90s depiction of the the Pathfinder lander and its accompanying rover Sojourner (Image: NASA/JPL)
Artists interpretation of what an ancient Jezero Crater on Mars could have looked like. Hypothesis of a lake filled crater with inlet and outlets was a defining facto in this crater’s choice as landing site for NASA’s Perseverance Rover in 2021 (Image: NASA/JPL)
An image from Viking 1 showing a trench dug by the lander’s scoop. The results of on-the-spot experiment to search for signs of life in the scooped was interpreted to have been positive by a small minority. The ongoing discussion that has evolved reinforces the personal reality of science. It’s all about people and interpretation.
An extremely enhanced zoom of a microscope scan of the meteorite from Antarctic known as ALH84001. The rock is hypothesized to have been thrown of Mars by a giant asteroid impact long ago and have eventually landed on Earth. The features within have been considered as possibly, potentially, theoretically consistent with known Earthly geochemical processes that create similar, but not identical, features (Image: NASA)
Artist depiction of the European Space Agency’s Rosalind Franklin Rover expected to land on Mar in the Summer of 2023 (Image: ESA)
NASA’s newest rover on Mars, Perseverance, shown here descending to the surface from its delivery vehicle. Perseverance will collect samples and place them in an undetermined location for a future mission to collect (Image: NASA/JPL)



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Danny Bednar

Danny Bednar


Your Friendly Neighborhood Space Agency Worker, Geography PhD, Part-Time Professor, and Author. Writing about Movies, Music, Comics, & Hockey.